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How To Get Started

Getting started in kiting in Northern Ireland is fairly easy. The only thing that lets us down is the unpredictable nature of our weather. As most kite sports take place on beaches we are governed by tides as well as winds. If you want to learn you need to be flexible with your dates and times & be patient with your instructor. Once you are up and going you can pick and choose your own days out.

When you are learning about the kite-buggying, safety is the main aspect of the initial course.

To have a go book a lesson with a qualified instructor. If you see kiter on the beach you can approach them (once they have stopped) and they should be able to advise.

Is It Easy?

Is It Expensive?

The sport can be entered reasonably cheaply.

As with any sport equipment prices vary. The well known phrase “you get what you pay for” comes to mind. This is particularly true where kites, buggies and boards are involved. There are varying qualities of equipment out there so be careful.

If in doubt, ask as kiters love to give advice. Use the websites listed (see links), that’s where you will find the majority of the local kite community.


Try to use a local retailer as they will most likely have trained staff of at least staff who participate in the sport. If you see something very cheap there probably is a reason for it.

Don’t forget about the second hand market, again try to buy locally as it is a good way to meet local kiters.

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